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Statement regarding safety alert A12/1705/18 from the European Commission

We have recently become aware of the safety alert issued against two lights (in the shape of a cloud and a star) which were offered for sale in Denmark. We expressly distance ourselves from any involvement with this warning, because these products are not related to A Little Lovely Company B.V. or affiliated companies. These items concern illegal pirated copies/counterfeits, which have been brought onto the market by a chain of shops from Denmark. These items do resemble the appearance of our products, however, the safety alert does not concern our original: A Little Lovely Company Cloud or the original A Little Lovely Company Star-light. To emphasize this, please note that the barcodes of our original products do not correspond with the barcodes as mentioned in the official safety alert*.

All of our original A Little Lovely Company products have passed all relevant safety tests and are 100% safe to be used or sold. Our original Lovely designs all include a battery compartment tightly secured with safety screw, which originate from our official producer, who is under strict control by our company. We also issue regular quality checks and tests on our products in order to ensure and guarantee constant quality of our products.

This means that, when you have purchased a Little light: Cloud and Little light: Star, as a consumer or as an official reseller, there is no reason to recall or return those products.

Should you have further questions about this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone: +31 (0)50 - 7370191 or email:

*Barcodes from the safety alert: 5713142007077 / 5713142007084
Barcodes original Little light: Cloud - white 8719033862098 en Little light: Star - white 8719033864603

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